be mindful.

Love these girls to pieces! #birthdaydinnerpostapocalypse (at The Wayland)
Straddle handstand - Williamsburg, BK (at Williamsburg)
Astavakrasana at the Grand Central Station (at Grand Central Terminal)
#devilsgarden #hoteldelmano #williamsburg #brooklyn #remindsofSF (at Hotel Delmano)
Gingerbread sake. #bomb #bestsake #jinramen (at Jin Ramen)

I’m a complete yoga need and this was an insane opportunity to practice with a legend. Sri Dharma Mittra created the 908 Master Yoga Poses that has been used for decades. He’s also 75 years old. His practice is very challenging, kind, fun, and filled with laughs. My body is wasted and totally done for the day. (at Dharma Mittra Yoga Center)

UNREAL experience with Sri Dharma Mittra! Unreal!! I was completely exhausted from a 2 hour master sadhana but who says no to a headstand next to him and his dog?! Unreal! (at Dharma Mittra Yoga West)

Day20 of the #jan14yogachallenge is supported headstand. This version is by @kinoyoga - one that I really like. It’s downward facing dog jump into crow to supported headstand and vinyasa.

This is what my family did the day after mike and imee’s party. Instead of cleaning, danced to out favorite song.

I received some really touching notes from the forearm stand video. May sound a bit cheesy that I’ve inspired friends to start practicing yoga. I’m passionate about very few things in life and yoga is one of them. Just like I blog or post about medical missions or being a pIcu nurse. Yoga has taught me how to put my mind to rest when needed, how to differentiate what the mind is saying from the body, and most importantly how powerful the union is of the mind and body.